2021 Project Journal Entry January 28th

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

Okay, so I would consider this day 1 of getting serious about my project for this year. I plan to write & produce an entire album that tells a story and is accompanied with a comic book. This is going to be an incredibly challenging project considering I'm basically a beginner-intermediate at all aspects of this project. There's always been this something inside of me that craves challenges like this, just to prove to myself that I can do it. So I'm determined to accomplish this.

The last creative project I dove into was a poetry book and it took me two years to write. I would go into these crazy trance states where I lost track of all time and felt like I was going insane with devotion to a creative pursuit. I am yet to sink that deeply into music, which I presume is because of the overwhelming self doubt and uncertainty that comes with every step. I've given up on this goal already like three times, going back to my deeply ingrained "practical" ways.

So anyways, to track my work and progress, I will be making note of what went well, where I can improve for next time and anything else that comes up during my deep work sessions. Tonight I worked on this project from 10pm until 1am. Not the most ideal work hours, but that's when inspiration struck, after watching a GroundWerks event on Twitch.

Here was my process:

- First I let some lyrics pour out of me, while separately playing with Ableton and some loops from Splice

- Next I tried to fit a melody for the lyrics with the beat I was making, but it didn't seem right, so I started a new track, where I sang a melody and the lyrics first, and then built around it

- This seemed fairly effective, yet then I came up with a cool part of the beat that didn't work with the melody, so I muted the vocals and continued on with the beat

I'm having major trouble bringing these two forms (beat and melody/lyrics together. I'm trying to remember how it seemed to run so smoothly with my instructor in school. I guess he just knew exactly how to frame a beat to work with the typical structure of a song. As well, I don't have much knowledge in music theory. I am therefore, having trouble singing in the right key, or even knowing what key I'm singing in. At this moment, getting a grasp on that kind of thing seems near impossible!

I'm going to try creating a beat with a melody just using notes on a piano or synth, and then I will build the lyrics from there. My nature is to go the reverse order, but I think it's just making my songs seem like poetry to music and not actually a really good song.

Next time I'm going to start with a melody, then build a beat, and then create the words that fit into the frame of the song. It's all about knowing what you want to say, but then finding the best way to say it that works with the melody. Melody is king.

What went well tonight:

- I discovered a potential theme for the first song

- I also wrote a whole song very quickly

Things that I need to improve/next steps:

- I need to get really clear on how I want this whole project to look in the big picture, so that, just like fitting lyrics into a melody, I can fit songs into each chapter of the story. The story outline needs to be my first priority, aka the roadmap to this entire project.

- as mentioned before, writing melody first

- Get organized with the vision using pinterest lookbooks, soundbooks, and other inspiration

- Remember to keep it simple and break it down to small, tangible pieces.

Lessons learned:

- It is incredibly difficult to make something sound like how it does in your head, but that's what the artist journey is all about. First we open up a vision, and then we built the skills to create it. I am a beginner and I have to be okay with that.

- Create the big picture vision before diving into the details.


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