Becoming Free: An Introduction to ake5o's Artist Journey

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

Hello world! I am ake5o <3

Wow. What a journey so far. No one could ever truly comprehend what it actually took to get here; the internal struggle, the mind mazes, the dynamics that had to be understood, the comforts that had to be let go, the self-confidence and limiting beliefs that have had to be uprooted and let go over and over again. It seems as though I keep getting broken down to nothing only to be brought back to life brand new, stronger, more sure of myself, and ready to take on new heights.

I just finished an artist development program in the end of last year. It challenged me in ways I've never been challenged before. Every day stripped away layer after layer of fear, inauthenticity and uncertainty, by bringing all of it to the forefront. By the end of it all, I felt I had nothing left to give. My ego was trying its best to hold on to an idea of who I felt I should be, while my heart wanted to burst wide open and be true.

I feel the fear of sharing my heart and soul with the world, for what if it is not loved? What if I become isolated from my roots for choosing to leave the limits they hold me to behind? I tried to hold on, but just like a love gone stale, the more you fight your truth, the more everything you grasp to falls away. Eventually I was left to my own devices, repelling my peers, as my clinging energy became felt by those I love.

So here it goes, 2021, the year I let go of forcing anything. The year I build the strength to stand alone. The year I start to trust in this journey and stop trying to control every fucking thing, especially others perception of me, and allow my truth to shine through. If you're not ready for it, get the hell out of my way because I'm done listening to limits on what this life can be.

(Inhale, Exhale) I feel I can breathe again, in self acceptance and freeing my spirit to whatever calls it forward without fear. I hear it calling me. Is there something your soul craves too? Why fight it? This is your only life and you deserve to dive in with an open heart and experience all the pleasure there is to be felt.

You deserve to love yourself like no other human has ever been loved before. No one else is going to do it for you. You have to set yourself free by realizing you are free: free to be whoever you want to be. Free to experience all you want to experience. Free to indulge in the joys of what it is to be alive. Don't let your soul die with the should's and the pressure of society to be anything but true to your soul's desire.

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And remember,

You are LOVE(D)

- ake5o