Behind the Song: Purpose

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

I wrote this song when I was feeling lost in life, and craving purpose. It began as a poem years ago, and as I build my skills in singing and writing, I decided to turn it into a song. I have plenty more material to one day evolve.

I chose to release this song as my first single, as I felt its meaning was particularly relevant to the time in which we live. A lot of people have been affected by COVID-19, have lost their jobs, and are looking for meaning in this new world in which we live.

This song also is meant to inspire change, people going for their dreams & living in alignment with what they believe in. I hope it will inspire people to protect the planet and to question the roles they play in our society. I hope people will start to consider whether the company they work for contributes something positive to the world, or whether it is all about profit. I hope this song will unite people, and resonate with that part of all of us that knows that we have a large untapped potential lying beneath our fears and self doubts. I hope this song brings people to life.

Here are the lyrics:


It’s been a wild ride

How the hell am I still alive

Now and then I look around

And wonder where the world is bound

Sometimes I don’t feel myself

Empty like that bottle on the shelf

I wonder what what the world would need

Is it the authentic me


Purpose, I struggle to find

A passion to free me from my mind

Something lasting, something meaningful, a path that’s aligned

With my heart and soul, human kind

Verse 2

I’m trying, but it’s not easy

To lead like I am meant to be

See past diversions and set myself free

From all the beliefs others taught me



I don’t wanna settle

I’m done with self doubt

Maybe I’m naive and young

But I refuse to look back and wish there’s more I’d done



Come on and bring me to life

Come on and bring me to life

Come on and bring me to life


Come on and bring me to life


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