Behind the Song: Wonderland Lyrics

Updated: Sep 14, 2021

This song was written initially to metaphorically describe our attachment to things, consumerism and the American Dream of fame and fortune. "When will wonderland wash away" is meant to be saying "when will I stop being influenced by marketing and external stimuli, and rather be connected to my truth, self and what I value?"

After completing the writing of this song, it appeared to me that it also could be describing the internal battle of someone who is being manipulated by an emotionally abusive partner.

Really this song is about a girl coming into her own and the struggle she goes through trying to reach herself and her heart. Whether its manipulation/influence from marketing, or a boyfriend, she is trying to reconnect with herself.

The beauty of this song is its use of metaphors, which allows each listener to perceive a meaning relevant to their own experience. Metaphors allow for a song to connect to an infinite audience, as there is no right or wrong answer as to what is meant.

I also chose to use alliterations in this song to add to its effectiveness of being pleasant to the ears. Alliterations are easier for a listener to remember, and therefore, add to the catchiness of a song. They are also aesthetically pleasing when used for captions or blog posts.

Here are the lyrics:

Verse 1

I’m Alice


another arrogant hand

I wonder

as I wander

what’s under wonderland



mysterious moments past

Trying to

map them out,

but i’ll likely lead last


When will wonderland wash away

I’m digging through the dirt, getting covered in clay

Drawn to the core so that my heart won’t sway

Why won’t wonderland wash away

Verse 2

I’m Alice


abbreviated ends

I’m falling

or floating

away from fads and fake friends

Chorus X1


I’m in your home

Expand to implode

Condensed gravitation

I’m a black hole

I own this home

And i found the gold

With fascination’

I’m still a black hole

Chorus X1

Why wont wonderland wash away X2


I’m Alice


another arrogant hand


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