Check out the projects akeso is currently channeling from the ether & manifesting into physical form


WTF? is love

WTF? is love.  A poetry book exploring the wild, modern world of dating and the powerful emotions that come along with fuck boys and trying to figure out what you want, your sexuality, and how to make sense of love. A deep dive into healing the wounds that keep us from feeling the love that is within and all around. 


Becoming Free

A poetry book on akeso's journey of breaking through the limitations that many of us were taught by the old paradigm, and developing into a free, expansive human, where the impossible becomes possible. 


Akeso's Universe

A TikTok channel, introducing the characters of the Akeso Universe.  Enjoy humorous skits watching the dynamics of contrasting characters, all inspired by the artist behind the Akeso Brand & the many colours of her personality.


Album & Comic Book Combo

Enjoy the comic series that explores the Akeso Universe, to a soundtrack, all written and developed by akeso <3